Aegina Excursion

Aegina Excursion


Aegina is the largest and most well known island in the Saronic Gulf. Its number of citizens has increased strongly in recent years and sometimes the island resembles a suburb of Athens. There live approx. 11,000 people on the island, also some Athenians have here their second home to recover from the hectic Athens. A regular ferry service runs between Piraeus and Aegina.

Aegina is worldwide known for its pistachio nuts that are grown and harvested on the island During harvest time you can buy bags with very fresh pistachio nuts, sometimes they’re even lying alongside the island roads. There are a number of small villages on the island, which indicates that not everything is within walking distance.  A regular bus service from the port brings you to the different places, but you can also take a taxi to the place you have in mind.

You also find museums and other attractions in Aegina. An interesting place for culture lovers, for example, is the temple of Afaia and the Nektarius monastery. But also in the ruins on the Kolona Hill or in the archaeological museum at the foot of this hill, the lovers of Greek antiquity will be in their element. Let’s not forget the Greek philosopher Plato, he came from Aegina, and each year many people visit Aegina to see his hometown.


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