Askeli is a small residential area on Poros with all facilities to be self-sufficient. Askeli has its own supermarkets, restaurants, beaches, bars, bike and scooter rentals, water sports facilities, etc. A regular bus service provides the connection to Poros Town. During the summer it is also possible to take a taxi boat to Poros Town.

When you take the road from Poros Town to the naval base,  you keep right when pass the ‘Canali’ bridge, and follow the road uphill.  Then go over the hill, pass the Golden View Hotel and once you have taken the corner at Hotel New Aegli you see to your right a fairly long, sandy beach. This is Askeli Beach, which is in the summer very popular with younger guests.

At the end of the beach, there is a road that goes left (near the Aegean Village apartments). If you take this way you discover after 40 meters the Odyssey Suites on your right hand. When you continue the road, when you’re driving a  bicycle or a motorbike, you find 2 large supermarkets and some other shops.

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