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Long distance swimming Camp

Long distance Swimming Our latest activitiy is long distance swimming in the beautiful open seas around Poros island. This is an organised week where swimming athletes can combine their training with a beautiful holiday on a Greek island. During the holiday you will stay at Odyssey, where in our bistro you take your breakfast and dinner. Lunch […]

Price overview excursions

In below overview you will find a cost estimate for a day journey to mentioned locations. These prices are an estimation based upon prices in Euro, per person, with travelling cost for transport to and from selected destination by hydrofoil or rental car and approx. 10 to 15 euro for museum entry or other activity. […]

Rental Possibilities on Poros

How to get from A to B on the island of Poros and beyond, that is the question. The ‘Poriotes’ (residents of Poros) use their own scooter continously and sometimes their car. Actually, the island is too small for a car and quickly run into parking problems if you go to town, to Askeli or […]

Excursion to Epidaurus Theater

If you’re a culture lover there is one place that you really should not miss, which is the open air theater of Epidaurus. This is the only theater of Greek antiquity which is still in use. In the summer months it is so popular that sometimes it is sold out, and that while there is […]

Hydra Excursion

Hydra is such an island that is world famous and also certainly not unknown as a holiday destination for the rich and famous. It is one of the very few islands where no motorized transport is allowed and the only means of transport is a horse or a donkey. This fact makes exploration of the […]

Snorkling at the beaches around Poros

Poros is an ideal base for a family holiday, being the reason why families with children are most welcome. The beaches of Poros, especially the one in Askeli, offers many hours of traditional beach fun. Besides the beach, there are also many modern pools available in Askeli that are great for families with children. And […]

Prices for Activities

In below overview you find different activities that are organized by Odyssey centre, either throughout the season, during limited weeks or on request. The prices in the overview are per person, but based on the assumption that two people will share one suite for seven nights. The currency is in Euro. For some activities the […]

Rambling on Poros

The area known as the Saronic Gulf is located close to Athens and along the coastline of Attica and the Peleponnessos. The Saronic Gulf is one of the most beautiful areas in Greece, and is a beautiful area for hiking all year round. Poros, but also surrounding islands such as Aegina, Hydra and Spetses and […]