Excursion to Epidaurus Theater

Excursion to Epidaurus Theater


If you’re a culture lover there is one place that you really should not miss, which is the open air theater of Epidaurus. This is the only theater of Greek antiquity which is still in use. In the summer months it is so popular that sometimes it is sold out, and that while there is space for 16,000! people and the benches you sit on are hard marble as in ancient times. The theater is beautifully nestled between the woods and is an attraction with many visitors every year.


The acoustics of the theater is outstanding. They say that if you are breaking a match in  the middle of the stage, you can hear the sound until the edges at the top of the theater. If you stand on the circle in the center of the arena and then speak some lines or sing, you’ll feel the vibrations in your body coming from your voice whose soundwaves go around in the theater.

Next to the theater is also a museum with many interesting pieces of sculpture stemming  from classical antiquity. Around the theater itself,  there are also many excavation. In antiquity, you have to know, a theater was not only a theater but also a Asklepeion, a hospital (or actually a “healing temple). Good health meant in those days the right balance between mind and body, some people think that this is also the reason for the presence of a theater next to a hospital. The Romans later created the famous saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body ‘​​.

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