Hydra Excursion

Hydra Excursion


Hydra is such an island that is world famous and also certainly not unknown as a holiday destination for the rich and famous. It is one of the very few islands where no motorized transport is allowed and the only means of transport is a horse or a donkey. This fact makes exploration of the town a unique experience. Hydra has many attractions including several museums, the sculpture ‘Boy on a dolphin “(from the movie with the same name starring Sophia Loren) and several monasteries on the back of the island.

You come to Hydra by travelling with the hydrofoil, there are several services during a day from Poros. You can also go by car, in that case you park it at the oppposite port and take a Hydra water taxi, these taxiboats regularly visit this harbor and bring you to the Hydra. There are also a number of large ferries or cruise boats that visit this picturesque island. When you’re favorite spot is a sandy beach, Hydra is not the place to start looking for it; however the island has turned many rocky shores into flat surfaces from which you can take a dive into the  cool and refreshing sea.

Hydra is also known for its many boutiques. There are many places where you’ll find unique handmade clothing. Even more interesting are the numerous jewelry shops where you find an abundance of original silver and gold rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry. Do not forget your credit card if you want to make a purchase, just some pocketmoney might not be sufficient for that perfect necklace.

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