Long distance swimming Camp

Long distance swimming Camp

Long distance Swimming

Our latest activitiy is long distance swimming in the beautiful open seas around Poros island. This is an organised week where swimming athletes can combine their training with a beautiful holiday on a Greek island. During the holiday you will stay at Odyssey, where in our bistro you take your breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be either on location or at Odyssey depending on the program of the day. Due to its unique location close to the main land, Poros offers an almost perfect sea. Ideal for watersports such as rowing, kayaking and swimming.

Our instructor Spiros Rois, an experienced long distance swimmer and triathlete himself, will be your guide and coach during the swimming sessions. He knows the seas around the island perfectly and he has made a challenging program for all participants. The program is made for those that have some experience with long distance swimming and are searching for an interesting and exciting training environment. Some weeks are close to long distance swimming events or races, like the one in Spetses in October 2017. Participating in one of these could be added to the swimming camp as well. More information about the swimming camp weeks can be found in this info-sheet..


For triathletes this is also a perfect training camp. Besides the swimming sessions in the sea, Poros also offers a nice challenge for running and cycling the ’round of the island’. Mountain bikes can be rented locally and it is virtually impossible to lose track of the road around the island. On request we can also provide some additional training sessions close to those for a triathlon. As our bistro posseses an experienced staff, special diets for athletes are no problem. In case needed, a thorough and professional sports massage can easily be organised.

However also less experienced swimmers and children interested in learning swimming techniques might want to follow one or more lessons while on Poros for their holidays. To keep your body in shape you could also follow a few aquarobics lessons that Spiros gives during the summer. Are you interested in one of these swimming exercises while spending your holiday on Poros just contact us. We’ll tell you what the possibilities are while you are on Poros.

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