Poros Beaches

Poros Beaches


Poros has it’s many beaches located on the larger island Kalavria. When you reach the Canali bridge  (coming from Poros) and take a left towards Neorion, you first pass the ‘Mikro Neorio’ beach, and a little further (behind the hill) you will find the beautiful beach of ‘ Megalo Neorio’. The next beach you encounter is the romantic “Love Bay”, and once you’ve passed this one, you can’t miss  “Russian Bay ‘.


Russian Bay

At ‘Canali’ bridge you see on your right hand (Poros town behind you) a big beach named after the bridge: ‘Canali beach’. When you take the road ahead of you and keep on the right, you go towards Monastiri, and you’ll pass the wide and long beach at Askeli. Following the coastal road you will lead you to the Blue Serena Resort hotel and finally to the beach below the monastery. This is ‘Monasteri Beach’. The number of restaurants that you find here is unfortunately somewhat reduced, but the Greeks say that the sea at Monasteri is the cleanest.

Monasteri Beach

Blue Serena Resort hotel

At the ‘back’ of the island another beautiful beach is located with a name that most people find hard to pronounce : ‘Vagionia Beach. Freely converted into English, the word ‘Vajonja ” would come closest. This beach is not so easy to reach, but that is one of the reasons many guests consider ‘Vagionia’ as a jewel among the beaches of Poros.


Vagionia Beach

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