Poseidon Sanctuary

Poseidon Sanctuary


Poros has one attraction for those that love ancient history. Poros possesses one of the largests (though leveled) sanctuaries of the god Poseidon. The story is as follows, the larger island of Poros Kalavria was offered to Apollo, but as he was more interested in Delphi, he exchanged Poros for Delphi with fellow god Poseidon.  For Poseidon a large and beautiful temple was build in 520BC on one of the higher points of the island. The actual site has stunning views in the direction of Athens and looks down on a rather flat area of which some say was used for sports games in the ancients days.

temple-of- Poseidon-Poros

The main Temple was built in Doric style, though some of its columns were Ionian. It was a place of importance those days because it functioned as the center for the Amphictyonic League, a voluntary “cooperative”  of city-states in both civic and religious matters, which included nearby places such as Hermione, Epidauros, Aigina, Prassies, Athens and Orhomenos.

The famous orator Demostenes came to Poseidon’s Temple just after the death of Alexander the Great in search of sanctuary as Philip, the King of Macedonia was chasing him. The king had heard of his escape to Poseidons temple on Kalavria and send his best men to capture Demostenos. Demostenos knew his end had come and decided to take his own life so he would not die honourless in the hands of what had become his enemies.

These days you will only find the ruins of  what once was Poseidon’s Temple. It is an excellent place for meditation where some say you can still feel the energy of the sanctury.

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