Snorkling at the beaches around Poros

Snorkling at the beaches around Poros


Poros is an ideal base for a family holiday, being the reason why families with children are most welcome. The beaches of Poros, especially the one in Askeli, offers many hours of traditional beach fun. Besides the beach, there are also many modern pools available in Askeli that are great for families with children. And for the kids, snorkeling is for example an activity they can have lots of fun with, both  on the beach and in the pool.

The coastline and beaches of Poros offer many places that are perfect for a snorkeling adventure. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in terms of snorkeling, in both cases the clear blue waters offers you an excellent opportunity to snorkel  and explore in a fun, safe and relaxing environment.

Since snorkeling is a wonderful activity for kids, Odyssey Activities offers snorkeling instructions. Snorkel sessions last about 2-3 hours and take place on the beach of Askeli. This beach has some spots that are ideal for the younger participants to get acquainted with snorkeling. The sessions are designed for children aged between 4 and 12 years. For safety reasons, the maximum number of participants per session 4. We accept unaccompanied children, but only in consultation with the parents.


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