• Greek-cooking-Odyssey-Poros-Greece
    Greek Cooking Workshop
    Have you ever wondered of what exactly the dishes Kleftiko, Gyros, Souvlaki Meze are...
  • Olive-picking-week-odyssey-Poros-Greece
    Olive Picking Experience
    During the second week of November our guests can participate in our rather unique...
  • Teacher Pamela Jane Rogers - Greek light painting workshop odyssey porous greece
    Greek Light Painting Workshop
      PreviousNext123 The well known american art painter Pamela Jane Rogers, who lives and paints for already...
  • Greek-language-course-workshops
    Greek Language Workshop
    PreviousNext12345 During this language and culture week, you learn the Dimotiki (Dimos = People) Greek colloquial...
  • Odyssey-prices-poros-greece
    Pricing Workshops
    In below overview you find various workshops that are organized by Odyssey centre, either...
  • Yoga Relaxweek
    PreviousNext12345 Are you ready for a inspiring week? Come to the pittoresque isle of Poros in Greece....
  • Weaving-and-knitting-workshop-odyssey-poros-greece
    Weaving & Knitting Workshop
    Under contruction
  • Photography-workshop
    Photography Workshop
    Under contruction

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