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    Welcome To ODYSSEY
    "The best dreams happen when you are awake"
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    Welcome To ODYSSEY
    "The True Taste Of Greece"
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    Welcome To ODYSSEY
    "Come as a guest and leave as a friend"
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    Welcome To ODYSSEY
    "For the views that you can't explain with words"
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    Welcome To ODYSSEY
    "Odyssey is a place synonym to friendship"
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    Welcome To ODYSSEY
    "Cooking is all about us, people"
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    Welcome To ODYSSEY
    "Feeling the Odyssey"
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The Odyssey feeling

Odyssey is not only a boutique hotel or a bistro, we don’t only have beautifully decorated rooms that give you a homely feeling, Odyssey is much more than that.
Odyssey, is a place where friendship is created and happiness is measured by the smiles on your faces.
Odyssey is a home away from home and the place you get the real taste of Greece , the place that you come as a guest and leave as a friend , the place that you are a part of a family , the Odyssey family, the place that once you have come you want to come back to again and again, the place you will do things with others, the place that you will be independent but you will not feel alone because odyssey is a way of life... of our life!

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Odyssey Deluxe Apartments

The Deluxe apartments are beautifully furnished maisonettes consisted of 2 rooms one on the top of the other connected with an interior staircase...

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Odyssey Superior Suites

The Superior suites are beautifully furnished rooms in a modern Greek style designed for 2 people and they are equipped with...

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Our Odyssey

Odyssey is located near a beautiful bay on the green island of Poros. You immediately feel the special attention for detail, the respect for the environment and love for tradition that the apartments and complex exhale.

Odyssey has its own bistro serving breakfast, lunch and dinner where everybody is welcome to come and enjoy our taste of Greece.
Come and join us...

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Greek Cooking Workshop

Have you ever wondered what exactly the dishes Kleftiko, Gyros, Souvlaki Meze are made of, or better yet, would you like to learn how you can make these delicious dishes yourself? In that case, this workshop is for you.

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Cooking experience

Cooking is all about people!
At Odyssey we don't do simple cooking classes or cooking courses we share experiences! Katerina has been cooking all her life and she loves sharing her passion about cooking, food, ingredients, traditions and history.
With a glass of wine you will experience what food and cooking really is,

the sharing of thoughts and the love of the moments.
Come and share with us those precious moments!
Traditional Greek recipes with simple local ingredients that we will prepare the same way that the Greek grand mothers did so many years ago and the Greek people still do in their kitchens.

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Sea kayaking

Enjoy a relatively new sport: close to nature and in the crystal clear blue sea: sea kayaking. It is one of those activities that give you the feeling of ultimate freedom and at the same time a sense of adventure as well as safety.

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Yoga Relaxweek

Yoga and a glass of wine, it’s possible! Just as love at first sight is possible. And that is how working with Odyssey feels for me. I am Suus de Jong, a yoga teacher from Holland. Since 2017 I organize yoga holidays at Odyssey.

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Wedding Planning


Why do we organize weddings ?

1. Because we have a beautiful location that is fairytale-like..
2. I (dora) love organizing events, especially weddings...
3. My mother (katerina) keeps pressuring our friends and guests of odyssey to get married...

Olive Picking Experience

During the first week of November our guests can participate in our rather unique olive picking week. During this week we’ll harvest the olives from our own olive trees, clean them, weigh them and bring them to the olive presses.

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Our Offers

Long Distance Swimming Camp
Walking Holidays
Sup tour

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Traditional olive picking experience

Of the nicest and happiest weeks of Odyssey. At Odyssey farm During the first week of November our guests can participate in our rather unique olive picking week. During this week we’ll harvest the olives from our own olive trees, clean them, weigh them and bring them to the olive presses. We return of course with our own cold pressed organic virgin olive oil.

We will be cooking outdoors and indoors with our fresh olive oil, the fluid gold of Greece, and the ingredients that we will hand pick from our Odyssey farm. We will prepare some special seasonal and authentic Greek dishes.
A fantastic experience.
Don’t miss it !

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Blog Katerina’s Kouzina

Hello! My name is Katerina Sakelliou and I am writing to you from the beautiful island of Poros, where I was born. On this blog I will share with you my home, The Odyssey, my food and favorite recipes. I will also have guest bloggers who will be joining me on Poros and who will share our Greek adventures. So put your apron on, get the pots and pans out and start cooking! Or just travel all over Poros through my blog, meet its warm people and feel the sun on your skin while sitting at home.

Katerina's Kouzina Blog

Odyssey Bistro

Next to the suites is a small bistro with an outdoor terrace where our guests that stay at the complex can enjoy their breakfast, lunch and / or dinner. But also non-staying guests are welcome.

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Odyssey Library

What is it that most people do when they go for holidays? Exactly: read a book. We have a large collection of used books in several languages such as English, Dutch, German and Swedish.

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Odyssey welcomes Digital Nomads

At Odyssey we are open during the winter months for guests that would like to come and stay for a longer period of time and use our Odyssey home on our beautiful island for work or a retreat. We have created a home atmosphere with our comfortable accommodation and we will help you to meet the locals and be a part of the local community if you would like.

We believe in sustainable tourism and for people that will use our premises during low season and stay for a longer period of time we are offering very attractive packages and really wellcome our new guests.

We offer high speed wifi, a comfortable and carefree stay, and we will make you feel at home.

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Environmental policy

At Odyssey we underwrite the importance of protecting the environment and sustainable development in tourism, as well as the personal responsibility that each of us has towards the environment.

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Covid-19 policy

It has been a difficult time for all of us, but hopefully most of it will be behind us soon. During the time we had to be closed we prepared our place for the new situation as regulations and advice started appearing.

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