Odyssey Wedding Planning - Poros island

Odyssey Wedding Planning

Posted by    Dora ten Arve

Why do we organize weddings ?

1. Because we have a beautiful location that is fairytale-like.

2. I (dora) love organizing events, especially weddings, there is something so special about that day where everything comes together they joy and love that you see in people’s eyes. For me it doesn't get better than those moments.

3. My mother (katerina) keeps pressuring our friends and guests of odyssey to get married, so we don’t have any other option then to also arrange those weddings for them.

Odyssey Wedding Planning - Poros island

In all seriousness we absolutely love planning weddings, they bring so much happiness to a place that we love so much and hold so dear.

All that we could wish for anyone that is engaged and about to get married is a lifetime full of happiness together and we would love to be a part of that happiness in your life.