Odyssey Suites - Odyssey feeling - Poros island

Odyssey Philosophy

The odyssey of our lives !!

25 years ago we started the Odyssey and it has been the nicest Odyssey of our lives.

Our target was to create a place with respect to local tradition, the environment and the surroundings and at the same time make a home away from home for all our friends that came from around the world.

Still working every day towards that goal as we are not satisfied for less than perfection.

At Odyssey our aim is that our guests are not coming home from their holiday with just some nice pictures.
We love to create feelings with our guests. Feelings and memories that they will take back home and keep them in their hearts and minds forever.

We have created a beautiful environment, Odyssey rooms, bistro yard and library are beautifully decorated, we have a wonderful family of staff that takes care sincerely of our guests, we have developed a number of activities that our guests can participate in such as cooking classes, sea kayaking, wonderful walks, yoga and more.

80 percent of our guests are coming back and that makes us happy and even more motivated to continue with our mission.

Our mission is to let guests experience love and wonder about our Greece and Greek island in a comfortable home. Our Odyssey home.

A note for the ones that take the time to read that and you plan to come and book your next unforgettable holidays with us at Odyssey on Poros island, please bare in mind that we love a good laugh and we love teasing in our family and guests be prepared!!!

Our goal for the coming 5 years is to make Odyssey 100% environmentally friendly, meet more people from all around the world, cook more, laugh more and spread the love for life.

Rik Katerina and Dora